Star Trek Fleet Command

DIGIT Game Studios and Scopely

UI Design
Unity, iOS, Android

A year into development, DIGIT Game Studios and Scopely were in need of UI design help and a fresh perspective to complete Star Trek Fleet Command – a free-to-play core mobile game set in the universe of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek. After completing a comprehensive test to prove out our design competence, Karman won the contract.

DIGIT and Scopely needed someone they could trust to deliver exceptional design on a tight timeline. Given Karman’s wealth of experience with brands, they came to the right team.


  1. Integrating With a Team a Year Into Production. Processes and workflows had been set and Karman needed to lend its expertise without adding friction.
  2. Working on a Tight Timeline. Working closely with UX partners, Iterating on design with teams across time zones, and creating animated high fidelity mockups as quickly as possible.
  3. Achieving the Right Balance. The design had to push the boundaries of UI and UX while adhering to the existing style guide.


Karman worked with a world class team to deliver on the promise of one of the world’s most beloved properties. The design required frequent iteration and finessing in order to deliver a game with the quality fans expected, one that made complex gameplay accessible to casual audiences, and adhered to current UI conventions while pushing boundaries.

Animations added to the richness of the UI. Karman created animated mockups using Adobe’s After Effects to help guide the developers during implementation. It was important that the animations play quickly and be informed by sci-fi tropes. Colour had to be used purposefully to clarify UX, add interest, and stay on brand, while going beyond on-screen references from the movies. While the UI from the movies simply supported the action, our game UI had to be futuristic, intuitive, and usable for hours on end.

Karman conducted a competitive analysis to ensure best practices; improving tactility, UX hinting, and visual hierarchy. This meant a thorough review of best-of-breed games in the same genre, with a similar audience, high quality bar, or same level of depth. Karman worked with teams and feature owners across three time zones, staying in constant communication to ensure a well executed end product, receiving great feedback from both DIGIT and Scopely.


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