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‘Innovative Technology and Organisational Resilience in Healthcare’ is a collaboration between King’s College London’s Centre for Applied Resilience in Healthcare and Karman Interactive, brokered and supported by the Cultural Institute at King’s.

The Organisational Resilience game has been demoed at trade shows, incorporated into course material, and even displayed in an art gallery.


  1. Create an Engaging, Game Like, Experience. Use the game to supplement seminars as a way to reinforce the practical day-to-day implications of their research.
  2. Unorthodox Topic. “Organizational Resilience” is a bit of an unorthodox topic for a game but the team at Karman was excited to dive in and show the Cultural Institute how effective interactive learning could be.
  3. Trade Shows and Newsletters. This game would also be displayed at trade shows, and distributed to the wider medical community as part of a newsletter.


Based on the requirements the team decided it would be best to build the game as a web/browser based experience. With requirements in hand the team at Karman dove into this new and unfamiliar topic of organizational resilience. We poured over all of the published material we could find to understand what organisational resilience was and why it was so important.

Using games to communicate a topic like this was new for the Cultural Institute. Working with a limited budget, Karman proposed a few high level game concepts including a scenario based quiz game that would present participants with common hospital workplace challenges. We collaborated with the team at the Cultural Institute to come up with a storyline that was plausible, easy to communicate, and leant itself to many organizational challenges.

For a game grounded in reality, accuracy is key. At every step of the way Karman collaborated with the Cultural Institute to make sure each element from scrubs to oxygen masks were accurately portrayed and believable.

Since launch, the Organisational Resilience game has been demoed at trade shows, incorporated into course material, and even displayed in an art gallery! Feedback from instructors, students, and practitioners has been very positive across the board. The Cultural Institute has also been very happy with the data generated by participants, giving them valuable new insight into their research.


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