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Sago Mini’s challenge to Karman was to port their successful iOS game Pet Cafe from Cocos2D to Unity for integration into Sago World (an app that aggregates all of Sago’s games). Despite the game being rewritten from scratch the transition from the user’s perspective needed to be seamless. Karman not only had to add support for Android, with all the aspect ratios that entails, but operate seamlessly with their internal development team’s established best practices, workflows, top notch quality standards and complex integrations.

Sago couldn’t trust just any developers to this task. Luckily Sago met Karman at a Unity user group meetup where we were speaking and the two teams hit it off immediately.

With a brand trusted by kids all over the world, Sago Mini trusted Karman to upgrade their legacy app while sweating the details.


  1. Matching the Existing Game. While the user facing features of the app weren’t changing, the app would have to be built from the ground up in Unity while feeling identical to the end players. Luckily we had the Cocos2D source as reference!
  2. Integrating Into the Dev Team. With a well established workflow, top notch quality standards and complex integrations Sago couldn’t trust just any devs to this task. Karman’s no ego approach and adaptability made us the perfect fit for the job.
  3. Adding Support for Android. Aside from supporting new aspect ratios there are always a few issues that crop up on a new platform.


Karman began by spending a week on site with the Sago team, ramping up on their processes, practices, and codebase. Using the existing Cocos2D source as a reference, Karman matched the behaviour in Unity exactly. Both teams communicated constantly through regular updates between key team members, sorting through discrepancies between legacy Sago Mini UX and modern practices. Throughout development, Karman discovered numerous easter eggs in the original game that had been undocumented and forgotten by the original team. Working with Sago Karman established a new scope and kept the project on track for delivery.

In the end, Karman was able to deliver a project that not only matched the original, but also fixed a few bugs along the way. Karman’s proud to have collaborated with, and met the exceptionally high standards of Sago’s team.


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