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Following the successful development and release of PCH’s Lotto Blast and FrontPage, Publishers Clearing House once again chose Karman to create PCH Games – a mobile application allowing players to participate in daily game tournaments for the chance to win big money. Karman’s role was to develop the application itself and a platform to support the mini-games developed by another studio out of Poland.

With PCH Games, Karman developed a robust and scalable platform into which Publisher’s Clearing House can house games and host tournaments without any additional effort.

A great relationship developed over several projects provided PCH the confidence to let Karman to define approaches that would suit their goals.


  1. A Dynamic Lobby System. PCH wanted a dynamic lobby system so they could rearrange the order of tiles on the fly based on player data and business goals.
  2. Allowing for Dynamic Transitions. The application required a lot of rich transitions between the different screens based on regularly updated configuration data.
  3. Compatibility. The app was required to integrate with a variety of PCH’s internal APIs.


Karman developed a game scaffold and test harness so that third party studios could develop their games quickly in a lightweight environment without needing special network requirements, such as being a VPN connection. This was possible because integration with the scaffold could be done without access to the entire app’s framework. Additionally the scaffold provided a quick and easy way for Karman to develop the main application around the harness in parallel with mini-game development. If the games worked in the test harness then they could be added into the main application worry free.

The robustness and ease of game integration meant that PCH was now able to scale the application without needing to allocate further resources or effort.


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