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After the successful launch of Watch Faces by Hyperflow and a flurry of positive reviews, one particular reviewer wanted to throw her own hat into the Android Wear ring. Stephanie Carls, reviewer of all things tech, liked Watch Faces by Hyperflow so much that she teamed up with Hyperflow and Karman to build a new watch face of her own.

As with previous watch faces, this too would need to be customizable, but this time we took things one step further. This new watch face would feature fashion-focused functionality, allowing the user to match the colour of the watch face to their outfit by taking a quick picture.

Glow is infinitely customizable. Glow gives users the ability to create as many new colour variations as they want.


  1. Build a Companion app to do the Heavy Lifting. Most smartwatches don’t have built-in cameras and aren’t powerful enough to run any sort image analysis, so a companion app would need to be developed to leverage the camera and extra processing power of a smartphone.
  2. Pick Appealing Colours. We would need to determine a means to produce a pleasing selection of colours from a given photograph. That is to say, when you take a photo of your outfit, the colours extracted should more often than not, contain the key colours of your outfit.
  3. Make it Scale. One goal was to avoid limiting a user’s creativity by only allowing a fixed number of new configurations. We were encouraging users to take a photo to match their outfit daily so we best support hundreds of configurations.


The end result, dubbed Glow by Stephanie Carls, is another fine example of collaboration between Hyperflow Studios and Karman Interactive. The minimalist design aesthetic of Hyperflow, accented by simple, smooth animations carefully crafted by Karman give Glow by Stephanie Carls an air of sophistication.

Using the companion app's camera functionality, the user can snap a picture of their outfit for the day. The companion app then analyzes the image, determines the six most common colours in the image and presents them to the user in an intuitive way allowing them to configure their background gradient.

Whenever a user has the ability to do anything “infinitely”, careful consideration must be taken so that all aspects of the application scale well. We made no exception for this one and paid careful attention to ensure that the app would perform well for even the most prolific customizers. When all was said and done, Stephanie Carls was beyond pleased with her new watch face. As it turns out, so were a lot of others including the Android Wear team who featured the watch face in one of their posts. Checkout the launch video!


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