Bendy™ in Nightmare Run

Joey Drew Studios

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Joey Drew Studios approached Karman to create the first mobile game set in the universe of their tremendously popular Bendy™ and the Ink Machine franchise. In addition to being a love letter to the fans, the game also needed to be a vehicle for selling exclusive Bendy merchandise through an in app integration of Shopify’s ecommerce platform.

The game needed to be fun to play, widely accessible, and enjoyable for both core and casual gamers, young and old alike, and allow players to purchase extra abilities, skins, etc. Above all else, it was important that the game remained respectful to the fans by providing a lasting, fun experience regardless of money spent.

Karman was given unprecedented creative freedom to build a fun and high quality mobile game that would appeal to Bendy’s worldwide audience.


  1. Create a cross-platform Bendy™ mobile game. The game’s artistic and musical style needed to conform to the 30s era Max Fleischer cartoons.
  2. Include a system for Merch sales. Players are able to celebrate their wins by browsing the store and, through gameplay, earn access to purchase exclusive in-game Merch offers for items including T shirts, plushies, posters, and more.
  3. Create original characters and environments. Bendy™ in Nightmare Run includes all-new levels with bad guys, including Krawl, Stickle, and Gwen, as well as four frightening bosses who all feel at home in the established Bendy™ universe.


Working with the Joey Drew Studios team Karman created a new genre of game, “boss runner”. A hybrid of infinite runner, and boss fighter games with a forward running perspective Bendy™ in Nightmare Run is a unique experience on mobile.

At launch, the Player controls one of three characters in a platforming adventure. Each of the game’s four launch Episodes is uniquely themed with horrific minions and their own challenging bosses. The player must run, jump on platforms, avoid obstacles, dodge attacks, collect Bacon Soup cans, and throw weapons at their pursuers to defeat each boss. To celebrate victory over a boss, the player is given an opportunity to buy exclusive merch with the game art to celebrate their win.

The first iterations on UI were extremely true to the era’s design source material but ultimately didn’t offer the affordances needed by a casual game audience. Buttons and menus were iterated upon until we reached the right balance of style and usability.

Joey Drew Studios is an exceptional team with a uniquely passionate fan base, so it meant a lot to us to be trusted with so much freedom to build onto Bendy’s universe. The client has been extremely happy with the result at each milestone, seeing the potential and working with Karman. Bendy™ in Nightmare Run has only just launched but multiple content updates are in the works with the hope that this game will grow for a long time to come.


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