2-Star Resort

Karman Interactive and Hyperflow Labs

App Development, Game Design, Unity
iOS, Android, Daydream

Excited by the promise of mobile VR after attending an exclusive Google Daydream Dev Day at the Google offices in San Francisco, Karman partnered with Hyperflow Labs to create an arcade style game for the platform.

The game’s premise puts the player at a less-than-stellar vacation resort deep in the bayou where guests get about what they paid for. With no budget for bug spray, the player’s job as resort attendant is to fend off a variety of pesky insects as the guests sunbathe near the swamp. The player’s ability to keep bugs off the guests translates into success, and in turn their tips, which can be used to purchase upgraded swatters.

Two-Star Resort removed the inherent intimidation from VR by using simple mechanics, snackable gameplay, and casual style proven out by more familiar mobile games.


  1. Controls. Translate the motions of the daydream controller with limited position tracking into an intuitive and accurate swatting mechanic.
  2. Performance. Dynamic physics, large numbers of animated bugs, and VR all on a mobile device. This was going to be tight.
  3. A New Platform. Being an early studio to work with the Google Daydream platform there were still kinks to work out.


Karman used baked lighting to achieve high visual quality with minimal performance overhead, allowing players on a variety of devices to be immersed in a beautiful environment. Leveraging Daydream’s positional audio systems, players were able to more accurately track the location of incoming bugs, as well as feeling more immersed in the experience.

Karman worked through a number of swatter control schemes before settling on a simple point-and-shoot mechanic. 1 to 1 swatter movement just didn’t feel right with the current limitations of the Daydream controller unable to detect absolute position in space.

In the end, Karman launched a game with 30 increasingly difficult levels, 3 guest types, and 5 swatters. The attention to detail was appreciated by Google who chose the game to be featured on the front page of the Daydream Store at launch.


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