Watch Faces by Hyperflow


Client: Hyperflow Studios
Role: App Development, Motion Design




The Challenge

The team over at Hyperflow Studios dropped by to ask for our help breaking into a new space. They were excited by the potential of wearables and wanted to express their unique style on these new watches. At the time, the most popular platform that supported custom watch faces was Android Wear so that made the choice of what platform to target a no brainer. Now Karman and Hyperflow just had to jump in and explore this new frontier.

The Hyperflow team came up with several different concepts to try, a collection of both digital and analog watch face designs. All of the watch faces would be customizable by the owner, allowing them to change the accent colour on the face. 

Given that a watch face is essentially an app that is running in the foreground on your device all the time, small inefficiencies could mean hours of battery life shaved off. We’d have to be on our toes to make sure everything was as lean and optimized as possible.


What We Delivered

Since this was the first set of watch faces that both Hyperflow and Karman had created for Android Wear there were lots of small lessons learned on both sides. Whether it was adapting designs to work with both a round and square face or figuring out the thinnest line weight we could make the second hand, we worked together through every challenge.

During development, we let our inner motion graphics designers out just a little more than usual. We rapidly experimented with and provided different options for animating various aspects of the watch face. Once all the animation was tightened up, the code behind the scenes needed to be optimized. No unnecessary calculations or draw calls would be left to happen each tick. Whatever could be cached, was cached.

With the precision of a Swiss watchmaker, Karman brought the designs of Hyperflow Studios to life. We delivered five watch faces, each with accent colours that could be customized via the watch itself or through its companion app. The attention to detail from both teams paid off and the faces were quickly picked up and reviewed by tech reviewer Stephanie Carls. Check it out below!

Update: We recently teamed up with Stephanie and Hyperflow to make a custom watch face for her and added some neat new features! You can read more about that here.