Phase 10 Update

Client: Mattel Inc. via Magmic Inc.
Role: Development, Design, Animation, User Experience




The Challenge

Magmic's Phase 10 Facebook game had been running successfully for over a year but they wanted to take the game in a different direction for the next update. With a new set of features and meta-game concept in mind Magmic approached Karman to bring the next iteration of Phase 10 Facebook to life. Provided with some high level specs, Karman was tasked with the following challenges:

  • Remove the previous "Races" meta-game
  • Design 4 new themes to base each set of 10 phases off of
  • Design a new announcer to engage players at exciting points in the game
  • Design a new tutorial that players could complete more quickly
  • Add the ability to track friends as they progressed through themes
  • Introduce the Coin currency for powerup purchases
  • Add levels for players to achieve complete with rewards
  • Add powerups to give the players an advantage against the bots
  • Add a revive mechanic to the game so players could be given a "Second Chance" to beat the bots
  • Introduce a new Energy and Coin store
  • Add the ability for players to start and resume multiple themes
  • Add social hooks to key moments of the game (Passing a friend, levelling up, etc..)

Karman had helped with previous builds of Phase 10, developing new features with Magmic's developers. This time, in addition to handling development, Magmic was trusting Karman to handle design, animation and UX with one of their key properties. Expectations were high but Karman was ready to meet the challenge.


What We Delivered

Having worked with the Phase 10 code base previously, Karman was familiar with some of the systems in Phase 10 Facebook but not all. The first order of business was to complete a deep analysis of the existing code base to understand what could be reused or reworked and what needed to be removed from the experience. When making modifications or additions Karman was careful to work with the existing architecture and code style to ensure any changes made could be easily understood by the internal developers at Magmic.

Throughout the process, Karman's design team provided frequent drafts of designs and art to allow constant feedback from Magmic's creative team. The theme concepts and announcer went through many iterations to ensure they looked great and would excite the core Phase 10 player base. The team at Magmic were blown away with the quality of design and art produced and confident in the relaunch of their game.

Ultimately, the game was delivered on time with rock solid stability thanks to, in part, the services of Magmic's diligent QA team. The success of the update was immediately apparent after it went live. The analytics team reported an incredible three-digit growth in revenue in the two days after launch!

Something tells us this won't be the last time we work on Phase 10...