Moshi AR Coloring


Client: Incredebooks
Role: App Development, Prototyping




The Challenge

The IncredeBooks team approached Karman with a grand idea. What if kids could bring their traditional coloring pages to life and play games with their own personalized characters?

If Karman could deliver on the technology, the Incredebooks team was ready to bring a brand new coloring book experience to market, leveraging Mind Candy's Moshi Monsters property.

In addition, Incredebooks was looking for Karman to meet the following requirements:

  • Support both Android and iOS devices
  • Deliver 4 augmented reality (AR) coloring experiences
  • Provide an in app purchase option for players who had not already purchased the physical book
  • Ensure the app is child friendly so that no purchases or link outs are possible without a parent's interaction

What We Delivered

Challenge in hand, Karman went straight into R&D mode and within a week had a working prototype of the AR coloring technology for the Incredebooks team to play with. Provided a regular everyday coloring page Karman could configure the application to detect the page, capture the coloring information, and generate a texture to wrap a 3D model in. Kids could even capture the colouring page at odd angles and Karman's technology would reliably reverse the angles and provide a consistent texture to skin the characters with. The Incredebooks team was thrilled and gave Karman the go ahead to continue refining the technology and produce the full app.

Throughout the project there were many challenges. From Apple introducing the 64-bit app deadline mid production to strict licensing requirements. Karman was open and responsive every step of the way communicating options, recommendations and flexibility with the Incredebooks team to produce the most exciting experience for kids and fans of the Moshi universe.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what can be accomplished with our new AR coloring technology and we're excited to apply it in unique ways with new applications in the near future.