Verval Website

Client: Verval via Big Jump Interactive
Role: Development




The Challenge

Big Jump Interactive came to Karman with a problem. Big Jump's client, Verval, loved the design of their site but it wasn't performing as expected. The site needed to be fixed ASAP and Karman was tasked with addressing the following issues:

  • The site took too long to load
  • Animations were sluggish and didn't perform well on most systems
  • Internet Explorer 9 was not supported
  • Did not appear correctly on an ~8000 pixel TV used in Verval's boardroom

In addition, Verval wanted to add multilingual support to the existing site so that they could support both French and English content.

Taking on an existing site is always a challenge but after a short review of the code we were confident Karman could make improvements and add the features requested.


What We Delivered

Since we were inheriting an existing project, our first order of business was to thoroughly explore the existing code. This exploration gave us insight into how all of the current effects were being achieved, what could be reused and what needed to be re-written. To aid in our exploration we generated both network and rendering profiles to highlight performance bottlenecks and help focus our optimization efforts where they were needed most.

With requirements in mind, Karman set about incrementally improving performance, optimizing file size and adding support for IE9. Once the performance objectives were met we reworked internal systems to support a new language and integrated the new localized content.

To solve the issue with Verval's giant 8000px TV, Karman had to debug the website on location. Even though our lead developer on the project was in Toronto we sent one of our founders, Jon, to Verval to debug with our lead developer while he was on the phone. Having never tested browsers on such a large screen we learned some interesting lessons about modern browsers. For example, IE11 out performed Chrome and provided the best experience on such a large display.

Throughout the process Karman provided frequent updates to Big Jump which allowed the team to review our progress early and often. On many occasions we were commended on our responsiveness, diligence and expertise. In the end the site was re-launched on time and budget to the delight of our clients.