PCH Lotto Blast

Client: Publishers Clearing House via Mercury Active
Role: Development




The Challenge

After taking over the development of PCH Cash Slots and getting the product launched back in 2013, we had a new challenge from our friends at Mercury and PCH. This time it was to develop PCH's brand new product, PCH Lotto Blast. Given the opportunity to start from scratch, using our in house developed libraries, we were able to really show off our skills and deliver a deeper experience with a much higher level of polish.

PCH Lotto Blast needed to support complex user-management managing three different user account types. Players needed to be able to play variations of the game without accounts, Facebook accounts or PCH's in house accounts and have the ability to convert between the accounts at any time. That was no easy task. In addition, PCH accounts required additional integration with their Redemption Center system which allows players to be rewarded with real world prizes!

Finally, the game needed to launch with 9 different animated themes each with their own 3D Host, minigames, game modes, and of course, tons of particles! All while keeping the initial app download size under the over the air limits for their platforms.

There were no shortage of challenges on this project but we knew we were the right people for the job.


What We Delivered

The latest iteration of our in-house application library  provided a solid foundation to build the game on top of and allowed us to get prototypes of the experience in front of PCH quickly. The Karman Unity Application Library that we've been developing over the past few years is the backbone of our applications and allows us to rapidly develop solid experiences without restricting our clients' ambitions. The library is designed to allow fast integration of content and high flexibility for developers without degrading performance on mobile devices.

In the end we met all of PCH's requirements and implemented a beautifully rich user experience with the help of Mercury Active's design team. We worked closely with PCH and Mercury to ensure that we could push the polish and animations and deliver an exciting experience worthy of a game that gives you a chance to win up to $5,000 in real money!