Client:  Sage Creative Group via Relish Interactive
Role: UI Development



The Challenge

We were approached by Relish Interactive to develop and integrate a rich user interface for an iPad app they were developing for their client, Sage Creative Group. With the application developed in Unity,  Scaleform had been chosen to drive the UI. The UI needed to meet the following requirements

  • Perform well on iPad2-4 and iPad Mini
  • Developed in a clean and intuitive manner so that other developers may expand functionality later



What We Delivered

Scaleform's support of Unity applications deployed to iOS was relatively new meaning we were met with many challenges during development. With the large amount of content to be displayed in Scaleform the team had to work around performance issues as well as the undocumented limitations of the library. Given these challenges our unique experience with both Flash and Unity proved an asset early on.

Each section of the UI had it's own unique considerations and our experience allowed us to build a flexible system to control the overall user flow. Karman was able to identify aspects of the user interface which presented high technical risk, propose multiple solutions, test effectiveness and ultimately deliver the best experience possible given the platform. Developing with Scaleform, in Unity, for iOS presented many surprises but our team maintained open honest communication with the production team while meeting project deadlines.