Eggo DJ

Client: Club Kellogg's
via Leo Burnett and Sector81
Role: Development



The Challenge

Kellogg's marketing campaign for Eggo Waffles is all about expressing creativity with an infinite combination of toppings. These choices can transform the breakfast favourite into anything your imagination and taste buds can come up with. For the online portion, Leo Burnett wanted kids to be able to explore their creativity both visually and musically and came up with the concept of Eggo DJ. Eggo DJ allows users to choose a visual and audio library to work with and then mix and match toppings to create different pieces of art. Each topping is tied to a unique sound and combining them creates a soundtrack to your creation. In addition the project needed to include a Gallery to showcase creations, a specialized gallery for the finalists and a voting segment to allow users to vote for their favourite creations and win a chance at some cool prizes!


What We Delivered

Karman handled the development of the Creator, Gallery, Finalists section and the Voting section of the site. There were many interesting aspects to putting this experience together. Each background's animation plays along to the energy of the audio track being played to better sync the visuals with the music. Small touches like the needle of the record reacting the number of toppings underneath it and being able to scratch the record as it spins add to the polish and quality Karman is known for.