PCH: Cash Slots

Client: Publishers Clearing House via Mercury Active
Role: Development




The Challenge

What happens when your current development team isn't up to snuff? Call Karman. We were contacted by Mercury Active with a request. Take over all app development of a partially finished app from another development house that just wasn't meeting the client or team's expectations. In addition, Karman would have to ramp up quickly on the existing code, integrate with separate server side, creative, and design teams who were already in full production mode. The most pressing issue we needed to address with the app were:

  • Reduce the file size of the app. At 180mb it was way over the file size allowed for apps to be downloaded over mobile networks at the time. 
  • Improve overall app performance and responsiveness
  • Improve app stability

After a quick look through the existing app we knew we could do better.


What We Delivered

Within weeks we reduced the file size by 64% down to 65mb without sacrificing visual quality. In the time that followed we improved app performance and brought stability up to iOS and Android app store standards. With the major app issues resolved, the client and team's confidence in the project was renewed and the call was made to add new features. The new features required many systems to be rewritten but at the end of the day the product was much better for it. But don't take our word for it, go checkout what we think is one of the top Slots game on the Android and iOS app stores.