Cache Craze

Client: 9 Story Entertainment via Relish Interactive
Role: Level Design, Game Development



The Challenge

Working with Relish Interactive, Karman was tasked with creating 2 games for YTV's game portal. Each game required 5 increasingly difficult levels and an interface that could adapt to 2 different resolutions. In addition, each game had to operate as both a stand alone applications as well as an integrated experience within a larger meta game site. Given a pair of GDDs outlining the core mechanics of each game Karman's developers were left to:

  • Implement and polish game mechanics to "find the fun"
  • Collaborate with Art/Design teams and integrate provided assets
  • Design unique levels for each game.
  • Source audio


What We Delivered

Karman integrated with Relish Interactive's production team and adapted to their workflow and processes allowing Relish to focus on the work at hand rather than managing external resources. Much to the delight of management, Karman produced the games on budget and ahead of schedule making for a solid product and happy end client.