Interactive Holiday E-Card

Client: Carleton University
Role:  Project Lead, Ideation, Development, Design, Audio



The Challenge

We were approached by Carleton University to come up with a creative and interactive approach to the classic holiday e-card sent by companies and institutions during the holidays. The card needed to be Carleton University branded and non-denominational but still convey the holiday spirit with a warm message. Karman was responsible for delivering the end to end solution including HTML email template, interactive experience and deployment instructions.


What We Delivered

We proposed a number of different ideas to Carleton University of which they selected the "Warm Fireside Message" experience. During the experience the user is guided step by step through building a fire to defrosting a window and revealing a special holiday message. 

Despite the smaller scope and tight timeline, we delivered a polished, intuitive experience packed full of technical goodies. We used Nape Physics for the movement of the logs, Flint Particles for the fire effects and our own custom defrosting effect made using Perlin noise and a little elbow grease.